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...effectively connecting energy sector stakeholders in the Nordic/Baltics through intelligence, match making and powerful events...

Karen Marie Sandgren

A coherent and sustainable energy system fueling the North...

The Nordic Region is in a unique position to take the lead in preparing for an energy system that is fossil free, sustainable, affordable and reliable, while fueling economic growth and prosperity.  

A multitude of stakeholders across the region are working to create the best possible frameworks to fulfill this promise. Ideally, these stakeholders should work together on key matters to accelerate the transition the energy systems of the future.

Nordic Energy Connection is goal oriented members' organisation bringing together stakeholders and aligning interests. Through the sharing of information and facilitating meetings, NEC aims to support the creation of coherence and optimal synergy in sustainable development of the Nordic and Baltic energy systems based on nurturing commercial and strategic relationships.

NEC aims to do this by producing relevant analysis, offering networking opportunities and assisting in relevant strategic match making.

Karen Marie Sandgren

General Secretary