What is Nordic Energy Connection?

What is important to me...

  • Originality in design and content

  • Credibility

  • A balanced gender representation in program

  • Satisfied stakeholders, from organizers to sponsors

Nordic Energy Connections delivers strategies and solutions that help effectively promote relationships between Nordic and UK businesses, organisations and individuals - particularly within the energy sector.
NEC focus mainly on stakeholder events, as I believe engaging directly with key industry players is the most effective way to
a) understand the ever changing contours of your stakeholder landscape and
b) build deep and lasting business relationships.
Karen Marie Sandgren offers years of experience working with strategic communications and stakeholder engagement in the energy sector, and specifically promoting Nordic and UK business interests. She is an experienced policy and public affairs adviser, with a certain knack for challenging the status quo, cutting through to the core and creating impactful communications solutions. 

How Can I Help?

I offer advice and solutions targeting every aspect of strategic communication and stakeholder engagement, with an emphasis on events.

  • Stakeholder analysis, landscaping & engagement plans

  • Specialist conference concepts & planning

  • Board and management seminar concepts & planning

  • Stakeholder fora concepts & planning

  • Industry/political fair presence concepts

  • Narrative & brand development

What I've been working on....

On November 8 2018 100 top executives from the Danish and UK energy sector and associated industries met to discuss UK Energy Business Opportunities going forward.

This was an exciting event to design and produce, and it's success was the result of splendid collaboration between myself and the DK UK AssociationØrsted UK, NEAS Energy, The Danish Embassy, The Department of International Trade, and The Confederation of Danish Industries.

Take a look

This was the second major stakeholder event I deliver to DK UK Association, working closely with Danish and British energy business.

Why not have a chat with me about  tailoring an event that will present your key strategic messages and engage your stakeholders?

“The conference was a success by all the key parameters; speakers, number and level of participants, programme planning and execution, communication. Karen Marie paid much attention to building and managing a high level of expectations among partners and participants – and delivering on it through her strong experience as a project manager, conference organizer and with a very useful insight in the field of energy. We hope and look forward to working with Karen Marie again in the future.”


Hans Peter Slente, Senior Manager, Confederation of Danish Industry.

Tel : +44(0) 757 6300 011

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